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The objective of this article to provide and give a complete and ultimate guide on how to do Onpage SEO of the Website to rank better in Google page results.

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Onpage SEO is a first and primary vital step in optimising a website for a search engine to get more free traffic.Onpage SEO mainly deals with the design and structure of the website and how the content organised on the web page.

Wikipedia is the best example for Ultimate On page SEO.

Let’s dive deep into the Onpage SEO techniques and how to do Onpage SEO for a website.

Main Content: Ultimate Guide on On page SEO

Lets dive into the concepts by define and discussing each and every term and techniques in Onpage SEO.

What is Onpage SEO?

Onpage SEO is defined as website optimisation process in which each and every technique is used to improve the quality of the website to get better rank in Google page results according to Google rules.

All the techniques which are applied to website code and website design to improve the quality of the content and User interface of the website are considered to ON PAGE SEO Techniques.

Ex : Well organised data, coding techniques to improve loading speed, Responsive web design.

On Page SEO techniques scores 25% out of 100% score considered by Search engines to give Webpage rank.

 On Page SEO Techniques and How to apply them 

Following are the On Page SEO techniques that need to apply to improve the search engine page rank.

1.Title tags:

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Title tag image


Title tags are in the first position in Onpage SEO rank.

Title tags are a main and important attribute in Onpage SEO which tells the Search robots what is your web page is all about?

When a user starts searching through keyword, search bots first check the title of the web page and display the web page in front of a user which are related to the keyword entered.

Applying good and SEO-friendly title tags impress the search bots to take your web page into consideration while displaying the results.

Qualities of SEO Friendly Title tags:
  • Must contain the main Keyword.
  • User searching format.
  • Length of title tag>=60 Characters

2.Meta Keywords:

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Meta Keyword

Meta Keyword is in the second position in Onpage SEO techniques.

Meta keywords  are used by search bots to know about the web page and topic related to the web page.

Meta keywords are written in the Header section of the web page code.

Search engine bots will check the meta keyword content after checking the title tags. It will check whether the keywords are relevant to title tags or not.

Writing better keywords are very important to get web page rank. Keyword research is very important to know which keyword give the better page rank. It is important to learn how to do Keyword research to selecting a perfect keyword for your web page.

Qualities of meta keywords content:
  • Meta keywords<=160 Characters.
  • Keywords must relevant to title tags, web page content.

3.Meta description:

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Meta Description

Meta description is in the third position in Onpage SEO Techniques to get good search engine page rank.

Meta description is written in the header section of web page code followed by Meta keyword content. In meta description, you need to describe the web page content within 160 content containing the keywords which are used in Meta keyword and title tags.

Search engine bot checks  Meta description to know and tell the user briefly about the web page content.It is important to write the keyword based meta description to make search engine bot to notice your web page while displaying search results.

Qualities of Meta description:
  • length<=160 characters
  • keyword based description.

4.Keyword Density:

Keyword density is very important while writing SEO friendly content.
Keyword density is defined as the ratio of Number of keywords in the content to the total number of words in content.


Keyword density= Number of keyword/Total number of words in content.

The optimum keyword density range is 1%-3% to get better rank.

5.Structured data:

Search engine bot searches the web page by crawling the web page content. Crawling mean collect the data by connecting from one point to another point. Structured data helps search bots to navigate through the website easily.

It is better to write the content in a well-organized way which helps Search bots and user to navigate easily.

6.Internal links and outbound links:


Internal links and Outbound links are also important on page SEO technique to increase page rank and page quality.

Search bots check how the content in the website connected internally and to the external websites( Outbound links.) .

7.Sitemap :

A sitemap is necessary for every website to get better page rank.

Search bot use sitemap to navigate inside a website. A sitemap is defined as file document which contains all the post information in link structured form which is easy for search bot for navigation.

Sitemap submission is very important and compulsory in SEO.


There are so many on page SEO techniques which help to improve search engine page rank. The above-mentioned techniques are basic and important On page SEO techniques every website need to go through to get better page rank.

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