Top Google tips and tricks every Digital marketer should know

Top Google tips and tricks Every Digital marketer should know


The objective of this article to demonstrate “Top Google tips and tricks Every  Digital marketer should know“.

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Google became a master to show and explain almost everything in the world in Fraction of seconds.Professional and people who are in digital career need to know each and everything that helps them to save time in optimisation the website. Google also investing time and money to provide things to make users searching better and easy.

As a digital marketer to make yourself stand separate from Crowd you should know the shortcuts, tips and tricks to make your online time more productive.Let’s see “Top  Google tips and tricks Every  Digital marketer should know“.

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Following are the Top  Google tips and tricks among several tips and trick that helps Digital marketing professional to improve their productivity.

1.How to Excluding  certain keyword from search query:

While searching in Google, If you want narrow results like excluding certain subject matter in search you can do it by adding Minus(-) before the keyword which you want to exclude.

Ex: If you want to look for the data of social networking site by excluding facebook data  enter the search query by adding minus before facebook

Social networking sites -facebook


2.How to know Index Url of a website through  search  engine search:

You can find the URL which is indexed by google search engine by searching the website URL in the following search format

How-to-know-google-index-urls-through-google search
How-to-know-google-index-URLs-through-google search

3.How to find the  links to the site through the search engine:

By using the following search format you can find the links associated with  your web page:

Format: Link: Site name


4.How to find the search data related to exact search keyword match:

Keyword research is important in every aspect of online career such as PPC(Pay Per Click) advertising, know the web page with keywords etc.

By using the quotes around the keyword gives you the exact search results of keywords excluding broad results



Exact keyword match VS Broad keyword results
Exact keyword match VS Broad keyword results

5.How to search old News articles easily through the search engine:

If you want to write an article about the old things that happened years back, but you don’t have a reference. You can get the reference article related to topic by search in the following format

Format: ” Topic name + news + from time+..+to  time”

Example:“digital marketing news 2006..2010”



With the help of above google tips and tricks, digital professional and bloggers can improve the productivity of their online time.

There are many other Google tips and tricks to help people in google search and to have fun while searching google.

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