SEO Tips and Tricks:To Rank High in Google[ Used by Brain Dean and Neil Patel (SEO experts )].

SEO Tips and Tricks to rank high in Google.

SEO Tips and Tricks to Rank High in Google [ Used By SEO experts Brian Dean and Neil Patel post]
SEO Tips and Tricks to Rank High in Google [ Used By SEO experts Brian Dean and Neil Patel post]
To rank high in Google is a tough job, because of millions of URL’s are competing with you for the position.If you ask anyone in Digital marketing field, the only word you might hear is

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone in the Digital marketing knows about SEO [Search Engine Optimization] and different variety of tips and tricks to optimization website according to the search engine.

Your competitors are doing the same thing what you are doing to stand 1st in search results according to SEO rules,  then How can you stand out separate in the race when compared with others in front of the search engine.

The only way is  Find out new ways to stand as best in front of Search engine and the visitors.

OK, after reading this you decided to stand as Best in front of Search engine and Visitors.

But How?

Research and learning is the best option to find out new ways to stand out best is to resolve problems in content which has been established as best content in front of search engine and updated the best content in your website.

The same thing I did in this article to find out tips and tricks used by SEO experts (Mr.Brain Dean and Mr.Neil Patel ) while writing best content to stand out separate in front of Search engine and visitors.

Let’s see What are the Common and Best tips and tricks used by Mr. Brain Dean[ Backlinko ] and Mr.Neil Patel [ ] which I noticed in their posts.

SEO Tips and Tricks: To Rank High in Google[ Used by SEO experts ]:

In this article, I am going to show tips and tricks What I noticed in their post element-wise.Here I am using the “#” [ Hash ] symbol to represent common tips and tricks used by them.


We know that Heading plays an important role in SEO. Normally people use to insert keywords in post heading according to SEO rules, but SEO experts used special tips and tricks in writing the post heading. Let’s see How Neil Patel and Brain Dean write their post Heading.

Neil Patel and Brain Dean Post Headings:

#1. Every word in the Heading starts with capital letters.

#2.Inserting numbers in Heading.

#3.Inserting Brackets[ ] at the end of headings.

4.Starting Headings with Keywords[Brain Dean trick].



“Content is king”

Everyone states Content as King to bring a lot of visitors to the website Because people prefer a website with valuable content, not SEO rules. Following SEO rules never guarantee you web traffic without valuable content. Let’s see Opinion of SEO experts.

Create content that teaches. You can’t give up. You need to be consistently awesome.

Neil Patel
Content means Not only the matter but also the way how it is displayed.Let’s see tips and tricks used by Neil Patel and Brain Dean in representing the content on the website.

Tips and Tricks to create Crazy content:

#1.Every post starts with an apt image which gives clear idea about the content.

#2.They are not writing, they are speaking with visitors through their words.

Visitors feel bored if you write the content, speaking create a relationship between you and your readers.

Most of the top bloggers speak with their readers which created a strong relationship between them.

#3.They use Real life example to explain the content.

An example is the best way to explain things better.


#4.Using their own blog reports as reference:

#5.They used stunning images and infographics to explain topics briefly.

#6.Highlighting important information and numbers in the post by the special color.

#7.Organized the things in a step by step process.

Clumsiness creates confusion to the readers while reading the content, so it is always 101% better to explain things in a step by step process.

#8.Use Experts words or quotes in the content to become experts.

Using and explaining the concepts thought Experts words and quotes makes you experts.

#8.At the end of the content, they summarize the content and ask readers to comment about the content.

Conclusion :

Readers are important for a website, the only way to attract visitors to the website is to provide WoW content and valuable information.Main things which create WoW content

  • Content with excellent images and Infographics
  • Excellent UX and UI of the content.
  • Simplicity creates Master content, so go with simple color and language.
  • Inserts Experts Advice in the post to become experts.
  • conclude the content which makes reader reminds the main strong points of the topics.

I hope this article will help you create Crazy content for your blog.

If find this article useful, share it with your readers and friends and comment SEO Tips and Tricks you noticed in a blog post of Top SEO experts whom you are following.


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