Online money making:Is it possible to make money online

Online money making, is it possible to make money online?. This is the initial question which will pop up in a person mind who wants to make money online or who wants live life as boss and without boundaries.

Let’s see Is it possible to make money online? , If possible  I will explain to you How to make money online.

The Internet is a sea of information in form of Text, images, and videos. A lot of people around the world comes to Internet world for different purposes such as to gain new skills, to hire freelance skilled people, to do research on a particular topic.

Need for information, skill, and content runs the internet world which creates Online money ways.

Ways-to-make-Money-online-Online money making-image-1
Ways-to-make-Money-online-Online money making-image-1


Let’s see an Example on Online money making ways:

Let’s consider you are looking for information related to How to build go-kart car by yourself. You find a website which provides information on How to Select Material, a design parameter, parts, and painting etc.  Millions of person like you coming to the same website for information. The companies who are offering Designing services, courses, Materials and manufacturing design parts will pay the website owner to show their ad in front all visitors to gain exposure and to increase the sale of the companies. So different category people coming to the internet to fulfill their purposes which build income flow circle. Companies are generating money online by marketing and selling their products,  Website managers or owners are making money for ads they get because of their content and companies are making money by providing website related services.

As the above example, there are so many subjects, products, and services which create the income generating cycle.

If you have the skill to build a website or knowledge to write content on particular subjects such as computer or accounts etc, you can make money online.

From the above example, You have proof to confirm the statement  “It is possible to make money online”.

Content Overview:

  1. Introduction to the world of Online money making:
  2. Different Online money making ways:
  3. Tips to generate successful online career.

Let’s dive into the main content

1.Introduction to the world of Online money making:

Welcome to the world of Online money making,

This is the world where Quality of the work matter more than the quantity of work to generate handsome of money for you skill or knowledge.

The people who are making money are because of the following qualities.Check if you have below qualities which make you eligible to generate money online.

  • Passion towards work What you are doing.
  • Patience and consistency to see the result.
  • Hunger to gain knowledge through continuous learning.

The above qualities give you strength to generate quality of work which pleases visitors or freelance employers to revisit you online which helps you make money online.

If you fall under the category people who have passion towards writing, learning, creative work, traveling and want to live life as the own boss like a free bird away from a 9-5 routine job, you are 100% perfect for this career.

There are so many ways for people like you to generate money to live financial freedom life and to spend quality time with family or to travel around the world as a free bird.

Let’s see all the ways to make money online in next section.

2.Different Online money making ways:

There are many ways to make money online ranging from 1 rupee to millions of dollars. One of the real examples I have seen in my life before starting an online career is …

When I was looking for the tutorial on aptitude and government job-related subject, i came across a youtube channel where the person who is tutoring on youtube making money by selling an ebook on last ten question paper related a particular exam at cost of RS 20. He made nearly 50,000 by selling the information he collected from the various source.

As above example, there are many ways to make money online.Let’s see the list.

List of some different methods to make money online:

  1. Blogging
  2. Online business
  3. Freelancing
  4. Sell photographers
  5. Money making through Youtube channel
  6. Surveys
  7. Affiliate marketing
  8. Buying and Selling Products online
  9. Domain flipping
  10. Teaching in online websites
  11. Writing and Selling an Ebook
  12. Digital marketing consultant

The above mentions ways are only a few way to make money online.You can create your own ways to make online after getting experience in the online career.

A Brief explanation and information about above-mentioned ways:




Blogging is one of the best ways to start and continue career online to build million dollars generating source.There are so many people around the world who are living King size life from income generated through blogging.

Blogging is trending and super career in the current digital world.

Example and Top bloggers who inspired me to start blogging and motivating me to write excellent content which helps people online are

Harsh Aggarwal: Shoutmeloud

Amit Agrawal: Digital Inspiration

There are so many other bloggers who inspiring and motivating me in building my Online Kingdom.

To become successful as Blogger,  You need to gain knowledge of Digital Marketing.

2.Online business:

Start an online business is a great way to make money and help people who are coming online to solve their problem, to buy product or services.

Many people around the world have established themselves as Entrepreneur by creating the site with unique ideas such as Content provider website(Content mart), Image provider site(stock image) and domain registrar and the web hosting company etc.

To start an Online business you need budget ranging from Rs.5000 to million dollars depending on the Business idea.


Freelancing is also best option to generate money online by providing your skills like designing skills or coding or writing skills to the person who is ready to pay the amount through party websites like Up work, Content mart etc.

You can find a freelance project from Facebook groups by posting your skills in your group, but it is better to find Freelancing site which has a mediator to solve the problem.

Data entry jobs, article writing, Graphic designing comes under Freelancer.

4.Selling Photographers:

If you have the skill to capture beautiful and eye catching photo’s, you can make money by selling our unused image online image websites like pixabay, shutter stock etc.

5.Money making from Youtube channel:

Youtube channel is standing as the second online search engine where people who have skills or have the interest to help people are making millions of dollars by making quality video content related Education, Entertainment, Health etc.

You can make money on youtube by creating videos the on the subject you are expert or have interest.

Technical Guruji is One the top Youtube channel which is generated million dollars with video on the Technology related topic.

Click here to see at this channel to know youtube money making potential.


You can also make money by giving surveys on online survey website which helps companies to know the market value of upcoming products.

Making money online with the survey is also best way, but I don’t recommend people because some website sells the information they collect through the survey which makes people fall in problems.

7.Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and top ways to make money online.

In affiliate marketing, you can make money online by promoting products or services of the others such as eCommerce sites, online software or digital software etc and earn commissions from the product owners.

Majorly people who are making money online have their money media to promote the product such as website, Instagram and Youtube channel with huge followers.

Some affiliate marketers are making money without having the website by investing some amount in PPC Ad networks like Google Adwords, Bing Ads,7 Search ads to send paid traffic to affiliate links.

8.Buying and selling products online:

You can make money online by buying products at cheap prices in one e-commerce site and selling it with profit on another E-commerce.

Example: You can buy a product online which is in demand in the market and need to book on a particular time on the particular website with the limited sale per week and sell it with profit in Ebay site.


Domain flipping is one of the best ways to make a huge profit by using excellent tricks while buying a domain name.

To make huge money through domain flipping, you need to buy a domain name with demand keyword.

There are so many other tricks and tips to buy the domain name which gives you profit.

10.Teaching in online websites:

Popular Educational websites like  Khan Academy, Udemy etc are paying money for people who are teaching on their websites.

You can make money through this websites by creating the best video tutorial on particular skills.

11.Write and sell an Ebook:

A Recent survey showed the number of people who are reading ebook increasing day by day because of smartphone and internet availability. You can make money online by writing a viral ebook on the particular topic.

You can money from the ebook by submitting it to Amazon or other self-publishing websites.

12.Digital marketing consultant:

If you have experience and practical knowledge over how to do SEO for websites, how to promote business online.You can make money online by working as SEO consultant for websites.

The above-mentioned ways are the best ways to make money online with your skills and passion.Starting online career is easy but it will take to get a result for your work. In the below section, I will be discussed tips to start a successful Online career.


3.Tips to start a successful online career:

Online money making is important to start and continue online career successfully.

The following tips help you to be successful online:

  • Start an online career as part time if you are an employee before going to full-time blogger or other online jobs until you generate required amount online.
  • Starting online career helps you to save a lot of time if you are a student.
  • Don’t buy any Course training material related to Work from Home.
  • Be consistent in article posting.
  • Start a blog or promote a product or service in which you have interest.
  • Make a habit of writing and reading more to improve writing and to gain knowledge.

I hope this article help you in getting an idea about Online money making ways. Follow my blog through social media network and email to stay up to date on an article related to blogging, Digital marketing and how to guide post on technology.

As of now, I discussed the ways I know to make money online, What am I missing here? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it in!”

See you then in another post for another time.

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Prathap Sujayvera.

Difficult roads often lead to Beautiful destinations.

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