How to protect yourself on Facebook from hacking with Facebook tips and tricks


The objective of this article is to show “How to protect yourself on Facebook from hacking with Facebook tips and tricks“.


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Facebook, there is no need to introduce Facebook to the internet user. Everyone who is using the internet has a Facebook account.Facebook is one of the online platforms to keep you update on the World news.

If you want to know anything about someone, see their  Facebook activities which show you their psychology. The data on Facebook is very vital to decide “What type of person you are?” and What do you want in Next moment. Some hackers are hacking facebook accounts to sell Facebook user data to the consumer research companies. So it is better to protect yourself Facebook from hacking with Facebook tips and tricks which keep you safe from anti-social elements etc.

Main content: “How to protect yourself on Facebook from hacking with Facebook tips and tricks“. 

Facebook is working continuously on Facebook security issues to make its user data safe, but it cannot prevent you to provide your personal information to gaming app and quizzes. Finally, it is up to you to protect yourself on Facebook from hacking with Facebook tips and trick.

The following are the facebook tips and tricks to protect yourself on Facebook:

1.Add your Phone number and make it private:


By adding the phone number to your Facebook profile you will get the notification with a security code whenever any issue happened with it which prevent someone to access your account.

By changing your privacy option to Me only, you can prevent some to see your contact number.

2.Add Security question:



Adding security question is the second way to protect your Facebook account which makes difficult for some to hack your account.

Qualities  of Standard Security Question:

  • It must be Unique
  • You must only know the answer.
  • Not Guessable.

3.Add people as Friends that you know personally:


Unknownperson Avatar-image
Unknownperson Avatar-image

Adding unknown people as friends makes your account suspicious under Facebook policies, which blocks your account and ask you to verify it by identifying people in the photo. If you cannot identify, you cannot access your Facebook account.So don’t add unknown people as friends.

4.Turn on Facebook notification:


By turn on notification option,  you will get the information such as ( Time, date, location and browser) whenever login happened into your Facebook account.With this trick, you can identify unauthorised login.

5.Change your password frequently:


By changing your password frequently, you can secure your facebook from hacking.



There are many other Facebook tricks and tips to protect yourself on Facebook. Make sure you protect your personal information on the internet which prevent you become a victim of Cyberfrauds and other cyber activities which ruin your life.

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