How to protect your smartphone from hacking

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Hi, Techies The objective of this article is to show  How to protect the smartphone from hacking. 




With the lot of development in technology, smart devices usage and the internet usage increasing day by day. The Internet is becoming the main source for data management, online fund transaction and many more activities. Cyber criminals are using these has a weapon to steal money and to do anti-social activities by hacking device and networks. Just because of this we cannot cut down our growth by stopping the internet use. The only way to continue our growth is to protect our devices from being hacked.Let’s see how hackers hack devices and networks and tips to protect devices, networks from hacking.

What is Hacking?


Hacking is a process of identifying weakness in electronic devices or networks and using that weakness to get access to the device or network.

Using hacking to commit illegal activities like frauds, steal personal or organization data etc called as Cybercrimes.

Example: Accessing other online accounts by guessing the password or cracking passwords by using the cracking algorithm.

Why do people hacking?

Reasons why do people hacking:

Just for fun:

People who are learning or a beginner who has an interest in hacking hacks someone system or online account just for fun or to show his talent to people around them.

To steal information:

Steal information is also one of the reasons for hacking the systems or network to gain personal benefits such as money stealing and stealing data from government organization by anti-social elements. Most of the hackings come under this category. Financial institution and large companies are targets in this category. Some hackers targets individuals to steal money through the internet.

To create nuisance:

In this category, the main motive of hackers is to create disturbance in large organizations, to show disapproval against their governments and to show security flaws.

Ex: Hacking of Mark Zuckerberg account to show security flaws in the Facebook website.

Flaws that give gateway to hacking: 

  • Using the same password for multiple accounts:

    Using the same password for bank account and for creating an account in low-security website gives chance to hackers to steal money from online banking account.

  • Saving password in Browsers:

    It is easy for someone to know the saved password in the browser by going into browser settings.

  • Sending secure information via email or chat:

    Sending sensitive and secure information such as password via chat or email lead to hacking

  • Browsing insecure website:

    Entering or downloading data from insecure or dangerous website lead you to become a victim.

  • Not updating Softwares:

    Using not updated software create vulnerabilities in a system which give chance to the hacker to gain access to the targeted system.

  • Not using Anti-viruses, Firewalls: 

    Anti-virus, firewalls and spy removers are the main layers of protection for systems and networks which protect against hacking. Using devices without anti-virus, firewall protection gives chance to hackers to install hacking tools or virus in your system which leads to stealing of your private information from hacked devices and damaging hardware of the devices which cost a lot.

All the above are the reasons which lead to hacking.

Tips to protect the smartphone from Hacking:

  1. Use pin/lock on phone screen.
  2. Lock the app with passwords.
  3. Create random passwords with password generator for multiple accounts.
  4. Use licensed software, apps and downloading apps from google play store only.
  5. Reading app permission before downloading apps.
  6. Using google authenticator which enable two-step verification.
  7. Using Anti-virus and firewall protection.
  8. Avoid using public networks.
  9. Using password for personal networks.

By using all the above tips you can protect your smart devices like Smartphone, laptops and personal computers from hacking.

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I hope this article helps you a lot.

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