How to make money online

How to make money online:

Hi W3Techies, if you are online to know and learn “How to make money online” you don’t need to search any more because you are at right place. Have a look at ways to make money online.





The objective of this article to explain about the five best ways and resources on how to make money online.


PTC Sites, GPT sites, Captcha sites, Surveys sites, Google Adsense


Hi W3Techies, With the development of technology and availability of internet all over the world making passive income over the internet become the main source of income to earn extra bucks and to make the livelihood with the online resource.In this article, I will discuss only the guaranteed ways to make online money.

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There are many more ways to earn money online.Below  I am discussing the ways which required basic computer knowledge and Internet browsing knowledge and some of them require technical skills related website technologies and digital marketing.Let’s see them

  • Earn from PTC Sites:

     Income range: Less than $200

     How it works:  PTC sites pays you money for clicking and reading advertisements for 10-30 sec.You will get money for each and every advertisement you read.

    There are so many PTC sites online.You can register and earn money by reading advertisements.

    List of sites ex: Clixsense, Neobux.

  • Earn with GTP sites:

    Income range: NA.

  How it works:: In this way, you can earn money by taking surveys, watching videos, playing games and many more things.

GTP sites pay you through PayPal, Cheques or bank wire.

Example sites: Clixsense, InboxDollars.

  • Captcha sites:

    Income range: $2/1000 captcha.

    How it works: In this sites, as a captcha solver you need to read the captcha and type the exact characters as shown in Captcha image.You need to be very fast to make more money.

    Example Sites: Mega typers

  • Survey sites:

 Income range: $1-$20/Survey depends on your profile and geo-location.

 How it works:

In this sites, you need to give surveys in form of options regarding products, services and many more .

Example sites: Survey panel , Indiaspeaks etc.

  •  Adsense and ad networks:

    Income range: $200-$1000+/month.

How it works:

To earn money from Adsense and other ad networks you need a website and traffic to get approval from Adsense and

ad networks . Google Adsense and ad networks pay you for displaying ads on your websites. Adsense pays for

advertisements on advertisements on Adsense pays for advertisements on PPC ,PPI and other methods.

Adsense pays for advertisements on Adsense pays for advertisements on PPC , PPI and other methods.

It will take a long time to earn money for Adsense.



The above-mentioned ways are only a few ways to earn money only out of many ways. I will  discuss remaining ways in

another article.

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