How to lock and locate lost Android phone

How to Guide on: How to lock and locate your lost Android phone.

HI friends, Do you lost your Android phone?  and you tried in several ways to trace it, but no way give the result.Here this the sure result orient way to find the lost Android phone.Let’s see how to lock and locate your lost  Android phone.

Tools used for this:

Android Device Manager website, Google account.


How to do it:

  1. Login into Gmail account associated with your lost android device through this website:
  2. Select your lost android device in the box shown in the window as shown below.

3.In the above tab, you will see options like select android phone associated with your Gmail account,

ring and Enable lock and erase.

4.With the help of location tracing and ring options, you can find your lost phone.If you didn’t find the lost device

it is better to select lock and erase option to prevent your data going to wrong persons.


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