Digital marketing Guide for Beginners

Digital marketing Guide for Beginners



The objective of this article is to explanation the fundamentals of Digital marketing and role of digital marketing in business development in this present world.


With the arrival internet into everyone’s life, it has become a main and vital stream to grow the business globally. If you ask people “Do you have a smartphone? ” -9 out 10 says “Yes”.Having Smart devices with everyone, the number of internet users increasing day by day What made  Digital marketing as the best way to promote products, services, and business around the world.Let see the what is Internet marketing and fundamental of Digital marketing for Beginners who want to know about Power of Digital marketing in business growth and career growth.

Let see What is Internet marketing and fundamental of Digital marketing for Beginners who want to know about Power of Digital marketing in business growth and career growth.

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Let’s start with term Digital marketing:

What is Digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is defined as the process of promoting products, services using the Digital platform as a media such as Computer, Television, Radio, phone etc.

Before the availability of the internet with major people, Marketers uses Television ads, Radio ads, and phone calls to promote their business on a digital platform but now has the internet is avail with everyone All traditional marketer shifted to the internet to promote the product effectively and at a cheap cost.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is defined as one of the digital marketing media in which Internet and internet tools(Websites, emails, ebooks, social media networks, ad networks)are used for promoting products and services around the world at a cheap cost.

Other terms used to define Internet marketing are Online marketing, web marketing etc.

Ex: Google Adsense, FacebookQuora etc.


Internet marketing is categories as following based on marketing platforms, marketing type,  Purpose, and process.

online-marketing-and-types of marketing-image
online-marketing-and-types of marketing

Affiliate Marketing: 

online-marketing-and-types of marketing
online-marketing-and-types of marketing image

Affiliate marketing is defined as the practice of marketing in which we pay affiliate marketer for promoting our products and services on their websites, blog-based on lead generation.


Display advertising:


Display advertising is defined as marketing practice in which we pay money to owners of websites or blogs to display our products or services on others websites or blogs.

This method is used to increase product awareness.Email list building is very important in Email marketing.

Email marketing:


As name defines Email marketing is a defined as marketing way in which we use email to reach customers to inform them about our products and services.

Inbound marketing:


Inbound marketing is a marketing way in which customers are pulled towards business websites by gaining trust and loyalty of customers by providing free content in business blogs that help customers.

Ex: a computer hardware selling company provides free information on repairing and maintenance of hardware on their blog to gaining trust and loyalty of customers.

Search Engine Marketing(SEM):


Search Engine Marketing is defined as marketing method in which business is promoted through paid advertisement which is placed in Search Engine page results.

Ex: Google search engine marketing, Bing ads etc

Search Engine Optimisation:


Search Engine Optimisation is defined as marketing process of getting free and natural traffic to the website or blogs from Search engine page results by optimising websites according to Search engine rules( On page SEO and off page SEO).

Social Media Marketing:



Social Media Marketing is defined as the process of promoting websites through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc.

Ex: Marketing through social media ads like facebook ads, Twitter ads, Viral post-marketing etc.


In this article,  I just explained about Digital marketing, Internet Marketing and definitions of types of internet marketing.

Follow up the websites to know deeper concepts of Internet marketing and internet marketing techniques.

I hope this article helps to get an idea about Internet marketing.Please Like and share this article, If you think it is worthy and comment your opinion or feedback to improve the quality of the content.

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