Digital marketing career and its scope


The Objective of this article to give an idea about Digital marketing Career and its scope.


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HI, W3techies  Do you know how Facebook is getting revenue? If you know that, I think you have an idea about digital marketing.Let see What is Digital marketing?


I don’t want to define Digital marketing as a promotion of products online blah blah blah using complex terms. Simply Digital marketing is a modern way of reaching people using the Internet as a platform. From Narendra Modi, success to Bahubali success Digital marketing played an imperative role in reaching people by using different ways of promotion such as Mime, Trolls and so on.Narendra Modi 2014 election campaign and Bahubali success are the measures to show the power of Digital marketing to reach the wide variety of audience.

Narendra Modi created his brand online using Social media as a platform by providing information about his activities on Twitter.Now Narendra Modi is available across all social media and youtube channel with 1.3 million followers on Facebook, 3.42 million followers on Twitter and Youtube channel with 15000 Subscribers.At present, Narendra Modi is in first place with more member of followers on Twitter.

Narendra-Modi- as-Digital-modi


When we observe Bahubali, Bahubali team created it as a brand more than a movie by reaching audiences through digital media in various forms such as Memes, Trolls on Why did Kattappa killed Bahubali? , updating their journey of making Bahubali on Bahubali website, social media platforms etc.


Reasons what made Digital marketing as a Powerful way to reach people:



Affordability is the main reason which made digital marketing as power way of reaching people. When we compare Digital marketing with other modes of marketing it is a very cheap mode of marketing.


If our product as a capacity to survive in global marketing, digital marketing is the best way to reach the global audience at the same cost as targeting local customer . With the availability of smartphone and internet with the major population of the world digital marketing has lot of scopes to reach your product to right customer at right time.


We have more chance to succeed in marketing when we have real time information about the reach of our previous marketing strategies. With a lot of advancement in technology, digital marketing provides us real-time data which helps to trace the result day by day.

Acceptability and comparative analysis are also major factors what made digital marketing as an effective way of marketing.


Scope for digital marketing career:

Whatever we are doing as an organization or as a person, the final output we will expect is money. How much money my product is making in the market.Digital marketing is growing a lot in such a way every businessman from a clothing store to textile industry want to reach the global audience through digital marketing as a way.Digital marketing is developing as a separate department in the business world to make it a success.

Simply a person with digital marketing knowledge and experience will have great future when compared with other professionals with the available of the internet and digital marketing becoming the only way to reach the maximum audience across the world.


The Internet is becoming a major source of information and communication, digital marketing providing plenty of job opportunities. The candidate with knowledge over internet and interest over internet surfing can build bright future in this field.

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