Hacking:8 common mistakes which makes you hacking Victim


Hacking-image-Hacking: 8 common mistakes which makes you hacking Victim
Hacking-image-Hacking: 8 common mistakes which make you hacking Victim

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Hacking is a word of curiosity which makes hackers to know your personal data and life and put you in front of the public.

“How to protect my computer or phone from Hacking?”

How many times did you searched on google or read an article about Hacking to protect you from hackers?

I guess you did at least one time in your life.

When it comes to my life, I came across hacking when I was searching for crack software and downloaded a software without knowledge which made my computer like dump yard with lots of corrupted files.That was my first experience with Hacking which made me learn and share hacking related topics.

When it comes to this article …

In this article, I am discussing common mistakes made by everyone which puts them as Victim of hacking.

The Internet has become a need for most of the people in this world because of its wide uses.People without knowledge of cybersecurity are becoming victims of Cyber Frauds.

Let’s see the Top  Simple and common mistakes which help Hackers to exploit your Computer and Network.

Top common mistakes which help Hackers to exploit your Computer and Network.

1.Using Public Wifi:


It is common mistake makes by everyone to connect to unknown networks available on their devices.Bad guys always want to exploit by using human emotions and feelings. Don’t use your device by connecting to public networks.

The unknown or public networks like coffee shop wifi, bus stop wifi are the networks created by hackers to traps people.

If you do any payment or access your data online by using this type of networks helps hackers to exploit your data online.

*Don’t access your data like a bank account or money related activities by using public networks like internet cafe or coffee shop networks.

2.Using Weak Passwords:

  Passwords are like security fences which restrict hackers to enter and steal your data from your private area. If your password is weak, it will make hackers to guess easily.

By using software like password cracker, the hacker can easily crack your simple passwords.

It is better to use complex passwords with all types of characters.

Ex: xh95vjLNJ!tcXkv!

3.Using the same password for multiple accounts:

   If you are using the same password for multiple accounts, just you are creating a  way to hackers to exploit your entire information.

4.Answering Phishing Email:

“Congrats you won 1 crore please enter information details in below link” is Example of a phishing email. If you click the link in this type of email, you are opening the door for the hacker to exploit you.

Most of the email system have the spam filter, So please see the sender information before taking action with any email.

5.Installing unknown Softwares:

  If you search for free or crack software, you will find many sites which show you hell with pop up and unknown download immediately after entering the sites.

Hackers are experts at installing the corrupted software without your interference.So please don’t  download and install unknown software from unknown sites.

6.Changing System security setting:

  When you trying to install crack version or any free software some video tutorial or blog post suggest you to change the setting in devices to install the crack or free version of the software.

If you are changing security options like allow app installation from unknown websites or changing the setting of window defender in a laptop will have a high chance of hacker attacks.

7.Postponing Software updates:

By postponing the system software updates you are giving chance to hackers to enter into your system and exploit your information.The regular software update will clear all vulnerability holes which helps hackers to access your system.

8.Using corrupted Flash drives:

  Corrupted Flash drives are memory storage devices like SD cards, Hard Drives which are affected by malware. By using this types of storage drives without scanning with makes your system affected with the virus.

So to protect your device from this type of attacks please scan the flash drive before access it in your devices.

These above 8 common mistakes which I know that leads to hacking.Please comment any mistakes that lead to hacking which I missed in this articles.

If you find this article is useful, please share it with your friends and family members.

Let me know your experience with hacking in the comment section.

Please feel free to ask any type of help regarding hacking , I am here to help you

See you then in another article , another time.

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